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August 19, 2023

This workshop takes place in the studio space of Zig Zag Gallery and is being held in conjunction with my solo show Transitions where you can see a number of my prints.
BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE… In this short session you will lean how to represent the textures of the Australian bush through beautiful mark-making techniques and create a number of small prints to take home. I will guide you through the each step of the process showing you how to create marks using the reduction method as well as several layering techniques.

Monotype printmaking is an immediate form of printmaking that produces quick results without the need for a press. It has been used by many artists including Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt and Henri Matisse. No cutting or carving is involved. Instead ink is applied to a Perspex sheet and marks are created by removing the ink using soft tools. These marks create an image that is transferred onto paper.

This workshop uses oil based printing inks but clean up will be using non toxic vegetable oil. All materials and paper supplied, please bring an apron and gloves.