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Acrylic Painting Workshop
Acrylic Painting Workshop
August 07, 2023

This workshop is in conjunction with my solo exhibition at Zig Zag Gallery and I will be sharing some of the techniques I use for painting trees and will guide you through the process of creating a small painting on board.

BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE… This is not strictly a step by step workshop rather a workshop where you are given different tools and techniques to use to create your own unique painting of trees. A selection of photos will be provided for you to work from, these photos are taken by me on my bushwalks and will provide you with a loose staring point for your painting. You are welcome to bring your own reference photos. The workshop starts with a short and informal gallery tour where I talks about my painting techniques, then head down to the workshop space for some action. Working with acrylic paints and just a few colours you will learn some colour mixing techniques and ways to approach the subject of trees using negative space, layering and simplification. All paints, board and mediums supplied. Please bring your own paint brushes and an apron (some paintbrushes supplied for those who don't have them). Bookings essential.