I was delighted to be selected for this exhibition to hand 6 of my prints as a body of work.My series BUSH AND BOULDER arose from spending time in cape leuwin national park and my opbervations of the wind blown meleluca trees that cling stoically to parts of the coastline. I am drawn to the contrasting elements of their white trunks against the dark depths of their camopy and their resilience in surviving the harsfh elementw.
    These prints are monoptypes that begin with the reduction method. A flat layer of oil based ink is rolled out and marks are made by removing the ink with various markmaking implements. Other printing methods are employed such as paper transfers, rice paper collage, printing one monotupe over another and reworking a ghost print. The final step is to work into my prints by hand manipulating the ink when still wet, smudging it to create softer areas and adding extra ink with a brush, a finger or a tool where needed. Some works are tinted by rubbing in coloured printing ink. Visit the MONOPRINT section to see some the prints that are on display. bridgetseaton.com/section/314095-Monopr…

  • Exhibition *'Grounded'* at the Moores Gallery, Fremantle

    Exhibition *'Grounded'* at the Moores Gallery, Fremantle

    Location: Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, 46 Henry Street, Fremantle, WA
    Exhibition dates: 20 February - 7 March 2021
    Gallery hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 4pm
    OPENING NIGHT: Friday 19 February 2021 between 6pm - 8pm

    Grounded showcases how the landscape of WA influences the creative view of five Perth artists. Each artist draws on their personal response to the land to celebrate the beauty of the state and in turn hopes to inspire a fervent desire in others to protect what natural treasures we have remaining. The exhibition encompasses a diverse range of work in print, sculpture, painting and glass all held together by the thread of appreciation and reverence of nature.

    This is my first major group exhibition and I am exhibiting a total of 22 pieces of work.

    A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Activate the Wheatbelt.
    Activate the Wheatbelt is a volunteer based program that holds community weekends in WA’s Wheatbelt to plant trees to improve rural landscape health.

  • Pressing Matters - Printmakers Association of WA Members Exhibition 2021

    Pressing Matters - Printmakers Association of WA Members Exhibition 2021

    I am a member of the Printmakers Association of Western Australia and have submitted one of my monotype prints for this years annual members exhibition. This is a great exhibition which showcases the variety of print disciplines in the group.