Childrens Classes > Painting and Drawing with Bridget- ages 9-13 Atwell House - Wednesday afternoons

This regular weekly class on Wednesdays is for budding young artists ages 9 - 13 . Term 2 will run for 9 weeks from Wednesday 24 April 2024.

In this class children will learn the fundamentals of drawing, painting and colour use in a supportive environment with a range of art materials. During the term children typically work within the frame work of one or two themes. Themes range from portraiture, still life, animals and birds, cityscapes and perspective, landscapes, figures, plants and natural forms.

Generally a project will commence with drawing skills, either from reference sheets or direct observation. Direct observation drawing is encouraged whenever possible. A theme will typically be explored with studies before embarking on a final piece. Children will gain skills and experience in watercolour painting, acrylic painting, pencil drawing, pastel work and mixed media. Although observation is the starting point for all projects many projects include an element of abstraction and self expression. In most projects children produce work that is representational and the focus is on painting and drawing what you see. Some projects draw references to Artists both past and present. This is a great class for children who wish to express themselves and gain skills at the same time.