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Accordion Sketchbook & Plein Air Painting Workshop
Accordion Sketchbook & Plein Air Painting Workshop
November 13, 2022

Sunday 13 November @ Canning Arts Group, Riverton 10am - 3.30pm $140/$160

Make your own hand crafted accordion sketchbook and then head outside to try some plein air painting. Create your own decorative papers using Hosho paper, coloured inks and plant forms. These beautiful papers will be used to cover your accordion book. The classic accordion book will be reimagined by combining several bookmaking techniques to create an original format with a selection of different papers. In the afternoon head outside with either your new book or some loose paper and try your hand at painting the beautiful paper bark trees in the courtyard. Bridget spends many happy moments painting outside and will share her techniques and tips on how to respond to the great outdoors with gouache paint and felt pens.