Finding the Lake and the Mardi Gras Cockroach
Finding the Lake and the Mardi Gras Cockroach
Acrylic on canvas - Framed in natural wood
45 x 90cm

The Finding salt lakes series is aoubt the unexoectd joy of didcovering somewhere you have no preconceived expectations about – a raer treat today where whenever we go we have already seen it on the screen.

This paintings is about the strange beauty of salt lakes, the journey to find them the shifting spring weather. After stumbling through thickets of Mallee the salt late appeared dazzling and white with the mighty Peak Charles brooding behind. The rain rolled in, softening edges and blurring the bush. Then the sun re-emerged and with it a remarkable bush cockroach, spotted, stripped and aptly named ‘Mardi Gras Cockroach’..(Polyzosteria mitchelli). Look a little closer and see if you can see it.

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