@Earlywork Gallery www.earlywork.gallery/
17-29 May 2022

ELEMENTAL is an exhibition of expressive acrylic and mixed media paintings celebrating the natural landscape in urban and remote areas of Western Australia through colour, memory and feeling. Based in Perth, Bridget and Laura share a love and concern for Western Australia’s fragile ecology and ecosystems, especially those threatened by urbanisation, industry and climate change.

Bridget is a landscape artist and established arts educator who seeks to portray the Australian bush in its imperfect beauty. Spending time in wild places, both walking and painting in her sketchbook is an essential part of her practice. It enables her to commit places to memory and these memories fuel the paintings she creates back home in her studio. Her recent work explores painting a fluctuating experience of place, with shifting vantage points and the merging of multiple views.

Laura is an emerging artist whose work invites the viewer to take a closer look at the remnant pockets of bushland and natural vegetation close to urban areas. Further afield, Laura is fascinated by the rock formations of northern Australia. Her paintings tell stories about the impact of urbanisation, conservation and the resilience of nature.