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Atrist's Statement


I have been drawing and painting landscapes since childhood, drawing inspiration particularly from landscapes that are barren, empty or devoid or human settlement.

The images I paint and draw are mainly of the Australian bush. They are of places where I have made a connection to the landscape by spending time walking and camping and sometime just simply looking. I am interested in the textures and lines within a landscape and how I can convert them into mark making onto paper. I choose to paint and draw my landscapes mostly from memory including the features that are most prominent and remembered in my mind, using photographs, memories and sketches as reference. For me the image is as much about the abstract colours, patterns and textures as the landscape itself. I am creating a landscape of marks and colours that develop and change as I work as well as representing the real landscape.

The Australian landscape has made a huge impression on me with its never ending lonely horizons and plants of incredible textures which create repetitive patterns across vast plains and vistas. It has been an important subject matter for me since I first traveled to Australia in 1998. I now live in Western Australia and continue to create artwork that depicts the landscapes of this varied state.